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TIMS bulletin is the first specialized journal in the field of mining and metallurgy and their related industries. TIMS Bulletin's first volume was published in 1971. It was the first window for researchers to post their opinions and research outcomes for national and international technology and industry development. Through more than 50 years, TIMS Bulletin covers a broad scope and selected research interests, which serves the basic science and industry in Egypt. TIMS Bulletin aims to support the national industry and economy through the sustainable development strategy. 

Current Issue: Volume 113, Issue 1, 2024 

Studying the Adsorption Behavior of Activated Charcoal towards Hexavalent Uranium Ions

Pages 1-13

Samia Mohamed; Shimaa Mahmoud; Yasser Abdel Mageed; Mohamed S. Atrees Semida Selim; Ahmed Maher; Noha Samir

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Tabbin Institute of Metallurgical Studies (TIMS)

Editor-in-Chief Deputy Editor Editorial Board Managing Editor
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