Guide for Authors

Authors are kindly requested to limit their articles to a maximum of thirty typed pages (including tables and figures) and prepared according to the following instructions:

1. Texts should be typed on A4 paper using a double space and divided into paragraphs using Times New Roman, font 12 for text, and font 14 for titles.

2. the First line of each paragraph should be indented three spaces.

3. Notes must be numbered and typed on separate sheets.

4. Please set out the following details clearly at the end of the typescript: first name and surname, university department or firm where the authors are employed, full address, and telephone number. This information will help the editorial staff to get in touch with you when necessary.

5. A short abstract should be provided (not more than 150 words). This should give the scope of the paper and summarize its conclusions.

6. Tables, graphs, and figures must be in their position in the text in the form “table 1”, “fig. 3”, etc. If data collected by other persons are used in the preparation of the paper, acknowledgement of the source should be made in a note at the foot of the table or figure concerned. The titles of tables, graphs, figures, etc., must provide a specific indication of their contents. All photographs should be supplied in their original form or scanned and inserted in their positions in the text.

7. Bibliographical references should be set out on a separate sheet in the order in which they appear in the text. The following rules must be followed;

a) Authors’ names: the surname of the first author, comma, initials, comma, initials, and surnames of remaining authors; “and” between the final pair of authors; finished with a full stop.

b) Article title: initial caps and lower case.

c) Journal name: underlined in the typescript; abbreviations may be used; initials caps; comma; page number (without “p”), final full stop.

For book titles, the style is as follows:

d) Authors’ names as for journals.

e) Chapter title: as for article title.

f) Book title: “In” followed by initials, the surname of editor and “(Ed.)”, comma and then title underlined, comma.

g) Publisher, comma, location, year, comma, volume, part, etc., comma.

h) Page number preceded by “p”, or “pp.” followed by a full stop.


[1] Slatcher, S. and Knott, J. F.: “The ductile fracture of high strength steels”. In D. Francois (Ed.), Advances in fracture mechanics, Pergamon Press, Oxford, vol. 1, pp. 201-207, (1981).

[2] Griffiths, J. R. and Owen, D. R. J.: “An elastic-plastic analysis for a notched bar in plane strain bending”, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 19, p. 419, (1971).